After 19 days of writing haiku daily, I am hitting my stride! I look forward to composing a haiku each day and sending it to you. I’m very grateful to my readership.

Today’s haiku is about the sounds made by a washboard and it is dedicated to all the winter lovers in my life, those of us who hate to see winter come to an end.

the gurgle, drip, trickle
of snowmelt
these washboard blues

A good friend of mine sent me her obi sash haiku that I’d like to share with you. Barb spent a lot of her childhood in Japan. This haiku is about an experience she had as an 8-year old while she and her family lived in Sapporo. Through this haiku, I can picture Barb as a child dancing in her special clothing!

Cherry blossom sash
A festival dance of joy
Our homage to kin

Tomorrow’s prompt is “a gentle rocking motion.”