selected haiku

another chance
to know the ordinary
winter meadow

the soft underside
of an afternoon

an owl calls
another answers
her change of heart

bald eagle
now a few heartbeats
and fields away

at the tree line
the wind and I
change course

lingering moonlight
the comfort
of early dawn

praise for frozen earth

...Every poem in frozen earth is packed with commitment to a flourishing earth and a better humanity.

John Stevenson

Managing Editor, The Herron’s Nest 

...The spirit of frozen earth illuminates the extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. These are haiku from a poet very much in love with life.

Tom Clausen

The poems in frozen earth bring us to our senses, to the sights, sounds, aromas, hues, and textures that transform momentary awareness into opportunity for insight and significance...

Francine Banwarth

Editor, Frogpond 2012–2015

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