What they’re saying


Anne is an exceptional teacher of writing. She treats each student with dignity and respect as she helps them express their ideas and find their own unique voice.

Rebecca Hirsch, Ph.D

Children’s Science Author, Homeschooling Parent

Anne Burgevin embraces writing with passion and skill.  She is able to convey enthusiasm to children and give them the tools they need to become accomplished writers themselves.  She is an accomplished teacher and shares her knowledge with children of all abilities and ages.

Anita Ditz

Head of Children’s Services (retired), Schlow Centre Region Library

Both my children had the good fortune to work with Anne Burgevin throughout middle and high school. Each met with her bi-weekly for private lessons, as well as participated in writing groups she led. While my children studied with Anne, they developed from reluctant to confident writers. Anne’s gentle guidance made all the difference. She expertly crafted lessons and units that suited their individual interests and connected to a set of writing skills and experiences that helped build their confidence and expand their thinking.

     Anne’s expertise as a writer, profound respect for young people, and deep knowledge of the craft and art of writing make her an extraordinary teacher. As a parent, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the exciting writing projects she developed with my children. Her thoughtful and encouraging comments about their writing broadened my own understanding of writing and solid teaching methods. For my children, the time they spent with Anne not only helped them become better writers, but also contributed to making them better people.

     I highly recommend Anne to any family fortunate enough to study with her. 

Julia Mitchell, M.Ed.

Homeschooling Parent, Elementary Teacher

Anne Burgevin has been such a blessing to students in The Delta Program’s high school Creative Writing class and to me as well; her passion for haiku is contagious. Anne is a skilled haiku writer herself, but more importantly for my class, she is inspiring, encouraging, and passionate. Anne skillfully establishes a rapport with each student as she develops engaging activities so students enjoy and appreciate haiku. She also writes thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging comments on every student’s work. My kids love Anne’s haiku unit and afterward they feel positive about their own creative abilities. I will invite Anne Burgevin to lead a haiku unit in my Creative Writing Class as long as she is willing.
Gary Masquelier

English Teacher, Delta Alternative High School

Whether it was for English assignments, thank you letters for gifts from friends and relatives, poetry for fun, you name it… Getting my 15-year old to write was like pulling teeth.

This was until he started meeting with Anne for a summer’s worth of weekly writing enrichment sessions. 

Somehow, she succeeded in getting him to write. She had such a smooth and caring way to get him to relax about writing. She didn’t focus on “assessment,” “skill-building,” or how to be a “better writer.”

Just simply, they talked about his interests and from there, he found something that he cared to write about. And, the more he wrote, the better he wrote; the better he wrote, the more he wanted to write. In the process, he went from a writing-resister to a confident-writer.

We remain thankful for Anne’s “writing spark” gift to my son.

Matt Kaplan, Ph.D.

Professor, Intergenerational Programs & Aging , Penn State University

One of the things you have taught me – other than how to properly write a haiku – is how to take life a little slower and enjoy the little things even more. But not only that, you have also taught me how to be myself and really reflect on who I truly am. 


8th grade, Homeschool

When you introduced me to the world of writing, you opened a door and lead me to a new world.

I want to thank you for helping me find my poetic instinct.

I believe you have filled my path in life with colorful words.


7th grade, Homeschool

I want to thank you for teaching me how to look under each and every leaf and stone, for showing me that every single detail is important. 

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful world we live in and unleashing my love of nature. Your writing is truly awakening to all of the plants and animals we share the planet with.

I want to thank you for helping me catch the wind, for filling my sails with inspiration so I don’t have to struggle with the oars.


9th grade, Homeschool

I want to thank you for allowing my creativity fire to burn.

I want to thank you for teaching me to be free with my writing and have fun with it. 


6th grade, State College Friends School

I want to thank you for your everlasting encouragement that you so willingly give. 

I want to thank you for all of the fun food writing and food photography we have done. 


9th grade, Delta High School